Airing this week on Closer to Home: Shulus and Ahousaht

June 25, 2012

This week on Closer to Home:

Season 3 - Episode 5 featuring the Lower Nicola Indian Band, Shulus, BC

In this episode Host Wayne Baker travels to Shulus, B.C. where one nation's volunteer fire department is setting new standards both on and off reserve.

Also Airing this week in Cree:

Episode 5 - Flores Island, Ahousaht, BC

Flores Island is home to the Ahousaht First Nation, about a one hour ferry ride from the tourist town of Tofino, BC. Many of the homes in Ahousaht experience some of the worst mold problems in Canada and host Wayne Baker has come to understand why. As the community comes together to solve the mold problem, they're also looking to the past and using traditional law to heal the damage that alchohol and drugs have caused.

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