Series Synopsis

Closer To Home is an eighteen part TV and Web documentary series produced by RealWorld Films ( and  broadcast on the Aboriginal People's Television Network ( in Canada.  Throughout three seasons, Closer To Home travels to Aboriginal communities all across Canada to experience home, housing and life from an Aboriginal point of view.   Each half hour TV episode paints an intimate Hi Def portrait of First Nations and Inuit communities where real-life characters are working to house, evolve, preserve and protect their place in Canada. 

Closer To Home is hosted by First Nations home builder and actor, Wayne Baker.  In each episode, a unique housing issue draws Wayne to the community he visits but once there he discovers another story,  beyond hammers and nails, that illustrates a broader social, environmental or land based challenge for their people.  From affluent urban reserves to fly in only communities, Wayne is your guide to compelling stories and characters that are shaping the future of Aboriginal housing and life on reserve.

See how First Nations and Inuit communities are adapting and managing against rapidly increasing social and financial demands and experience the pride and passion of this nation's First Peoples.  The stories and subjects that shape Closer To Home's broadcast and web content reach out from native voices but speak directly to the rest of the country, sharing the history, politics and reality of the Aboriginal experience in Canada. 

Closer To Home is created by the auteur filmmaking team of Denis Paquette and Carmen Henriquez through their Vancouver, B.C. studio, RealWorld Films Inc.